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Susan B., San Francisco - Client - Estate Planning

James, thank you for the excellent appraisal you provided me for my parents’ home in San Francisco. Of the three appraisals we got, yours stood out as the most comprehensive and thorough. I appreciated all the documentation that justified the value amount given.


Welcome to Detailed Analysis, where our journey began in 1985 when Patrick and Isabel O'Malley founded the company in Burlingame, California. Back then, the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market was evolving rapidly, and there was a scarcity of experienced appraisers to cater to the needs of the many regional banks in the area. The lack of proper regulations before the passing of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act (FIRREA) of 1989 meant that appraisers' qualifications were not federally licensed, leading to challenges in the industry.

However, our perspective on serving the public and promoting trust in appraisal work led us to take a different approach. We decided to retain only motivated individuals who were willing to obtain the necessary education and credentials while sharing the same values as our founders.

Over the years, Detailed Analysis has proudly trained over 60 appraisers, many of whom have gone on to establish their successful appraisal companies. During this time, we have carefully transformed ourselves into a boutique appraisal firm, driven by our long-term vision and commitment to delivering unparalleled service. Transitioning into a smaller company was a deliberate choice, which allowed us to enhance the quality of our work and ensure greater satisfaction for our valued clients.

In the past, we operated as a larger firm with over 30 employees including appraisers and brokers, but adopting a lower producing model significantly improved the quality of our services. This shift empowered us to focus on enhancing our services for non-lender related clients, including attorneys, accountants, and private individuals.

At Detailed Analysis, we acknowledge the growing demand for specialized appraisals, particularly from trustees, executors, and individuals dealing with inherited property. 

We take pride in our specialized approach to property appraisals, catering to the unique requirements of individual clients. While most appraisers primarily serve conventional lending institutions, we understand that not all recipients of appraisals are professionals in the field. Many seek greater confidence in their appraisal results, realizing that previous appraisals might have been tailored for an audience already familiar with market intricacies and technical terminology, causing uncertainty and compromising trust and confidence.

Our commitment lies in providing transparent and easily understandable appraisal reports that address our clients' concerns and instill a renewed sense of assurance in the appraisal process and the value opinions we deliver. We prioritize clarity and accessibility in our reports, ensuring they are comprehensible to anyone, regardless of their real estate expertise.

Over the years, our reputation for accuracy and reliability has grown, leading to over 70% of our assignments coming through referrals from attorneys and accountants. This trust from the legal and financial community has solidified our position as a leading appraisal firm.

At Detailed Analysis, we find great satisfaction in receiving positive feedback from our clients about the comprehensibility, thoroughness, and user-friendliness of our reports. Our commitment is to deliver detailed appraisals that leave no room for confusion, allowing our clients to make informed decisions confidently.

We firmly believe that every individual deserves a comprehensive appraisal experience that empowers them to make informed decisions confidently. With our tailored services, we bridge the gap between complex appraisals and clients seeking straightforward and usable information.

We invite you to experience the professional excellence and personal attention we bring to every appraisal. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are dedicated to delivering results that exceed your expectations. Trust in Detailed Analysis for all your appraisal requirements, and we'll ensure a smooth and trustworthy experience that you can rely on.

The Team - Detailed Analysis

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